THE SPINE NEVER HURTS: A recipe regularly used by athletes and Olympians

This recipe was received as a gift from Olympic athletes, who in this way regenerated their spine after heavy physical efforts. Try this natural recipe, and you won’t recognize your spine.

Because everything that is ingenious is actually very simple and accessible, literally within reach, as many of you have been convinced by using this simple and effective recipe for relieving pain in the back, joints and legs. If you want to forget about back pain, you should eat every meal, before going to sleep, within 1.5 months

– 1 fig

– 1 dried apricot

– 5 prunes

These fruits contain substances that cause tissue regeneration, which make up the intervertebral discs. They make them stronger and tougher. Vertebrae begin to stand on their own in the places determined by nature, without external manual correction. Try it and you won’t recognize your spine! Each fruit specifically contains certain elements and substances, and their mixing gives an excellent medicine, which is extremely effective against pain in the spine. It is extremely useful for both men and women.

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